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The second (symbol: s) (abbreviated s or sec) is the base unit of time in the International System of Units (SI). It is qualitatively defined as the second division of the hour by sixty, the first division by sixty being the minute. SI definition of second is "the duration of 9,192,631,770 periods of the radiation corresponding to the transition between the two hyperfine levels of the ground state of the cesium 133 atom". Seconds may be measured using a mechanical, electrical or an atomic clock.

SI prefixes are combined with the word second to denote subdivisions of the second, e.g., the millisecond (one thousandth of a second), the microsecond (one millionth of a second), and the nanosecond (one billionth of a second). Though SI prefixes may also be used to form multiples of the second such as kilosecond (one thousand seconds), such units are rarely used in practice. The more common larger non-SI units of time are not formed by powers of ten; instead, the second is multiplied by 60 to form a minute, which is multiplied by 60 to form an hour, which is multiplied by 24 to form a day.

The second is also the base unit of time in other systems of measurement: the centimeter–gram–second, meter–kilogram–second, meter–tonne–second, and foot–pound–second systems of units.

Symbol/abbreviation: s
Unit of: TIME
TIME's base unit: seconds (SI Unit)
In relation to the base unit (seconds), 1 Seconds = 1 seconds.

Conversion table
1 Seconds (s) to all time units

1 s= 3.1709791983765E-17 aeons (eon)
1 s= 4.1341374575751E+16 atomic unit of time (au)
1 s= 1.0E+18 attoseconds (as)
1 s= 4.169485238688E-10 callippic cycles (cali)
1 s= 3.1705770450222E-10 centuries (cent)
1 s= 1.1574074074074E-5 days (day)
1 s= 3.1705770450222E-9 decades (dec)
1 s= 4.5299702833949E-9 dog years (dog yrs)
1 s= 1.0E-18 exaseconds (Es)
1 s= 1.0E+15 femtoseconds (fs)
1 s= 8.2644628099174E-7 fortnights (fn)
1 s= 1.3786866079898E-16 galactic years (gal)
1 s= 1.0E-9 gigaseconds (Gs)
1 s= 3.1688738506811E-8 gregorian years (GY)
1 s= 0.3000003000003 helek (h)
1 s= 1.0423806974444E-10 hipparchic cycles (HC)
1 s= 0.00027777777777778 hours (hr)
1 s= 1.3786866079898E-16 indictions (in)
1 s= 60.000000024 jiffies (jiffy)
1 s= 0.0011111111111111 ke (ke)
1 s= 0.001 kiloseconds (Ks)
1 s= 3.1623153207853E-8 leap years (ly)
1 s= 3.9193507667571E-7 lunar months (lm)
1 s= 3.2660987312905E-8 lunar years (lunar yrs)
1 s= 6.3419583967529E-9 lustrums (L)
1 s= 1.126440159376E-5 mars days (Sol mars)
1 s= 1.0E-6 megaseconds (Ms)
1 s= 1.6677340164372E-9 metonic cycles (mc)
1 s= 1000000 microseconds (µs)
1 s= 3.1705770450222E-11 millenniums (mill)
1 s= 0.011574074074074 millidays (md)
1 s= 1000 milliseconds (ms)
1 s= 0.016666666666667 minutes (min)
1 s= 0.011111111111111 moments (moment)
1 s= 3.8051750380518E-7 months (mo)
1 s= 1000000000 nanoseconds (ns)
1 s= 3.9610109767536E-9 octaeteris (octa)
1 s= 7.9220219535072E-9 olympiads (o)
1 s= 1.0E-15 petaseconds (Ps)
1 s= 1000000000000 picoseconds (ps)
1 s= 1.8548711699229E+43 planck times (tp)
1 s= 1 seconds (s)
1 s= 100000000 shakes (shake)
1 s= 1.1605761564271E-5 sidereal days (Sd)
1 s= 3.1687536047488E-8 sidereal years (Sy)
1 s= 1000000 sigmas (Sigma)
1 s= 2.1704169735636E-11 sothic cycles (Sc)
1 s= 10000000000000 svedbergs (S)
1 s= 1.0E-12 teraseconds (Ts)
1 s= 3.1688765172731E-8 tropical years (TY)
1 s= 1.6534391534392E-6 weeks (wk)
1 s= 3.1709791983765E-8 years (yr)
1 s= 1.0E+24 yoctoseconds (ys)
1 s= 1.0E-24 yottaseconds (Ys)
1 s= 1.0E+21 zeptoseconds (zs)
1 s= 1.0E-21 zettaseconds (Zs)