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Emoji, Symbols and Signs

Emoji Description Code Tags
🇲🇲flag of myanmar🇲🇲flags
💃dancer girl dancing💃people girls
🍻clinking beer mugs🍻food drinks
🇹🇫flag of french southern territories🇹🇫flags
🇲🇱flag of mali🇲🇱flags
🇳🇪flag of niger🇳🇪flags
♏️scorpius♏️zodiac sign, astrological symbols symbols
🇸🇸flag of south sudan🇸🇸flags
🌫fog🌫nature weather
🇹🇱flag of timor-leste🇹🇱flags
👽extraterrestrial alien👽people faces
🐻bear face🐻animals nature
🌱seedling🌱plants nature
🇵🇫flag of french polynesia🇵🇫flags
😐neutral face😐people faces
🇱🇷flag of liberia🇱🇷flags
🎋tanabata tree🎋plants nature
🗿moyai🗿objects, things
🚥horizontal traffic light🚥place
🍍pineapple🍍fruits food
🏘house buildings🏘place buildings
🇮🇸flag of iceland🇮🇸flags
🇬🇼flag of guinea-bissau🇬🇼flags
😪sleepy face😪people faces
🇬🇾flag of guyana🇬🇾flags
🇩🇯flag of djibouti🇩🇯flags
🅰️negative squared latin capital letter a🅰️symbols
😀grinning face😀people faces
scales⚖objects, things
🌻sunflower🌻plants nature flowers
🆔squared id🆔symbols
🔲black square button🔲symbols
♣️black club suit♣️symbols
↘️south east arrow↘️symbols
🐞lady beetle🐞animals nature
🚙recreational vehicle🚙transportation
👨‍👩‍👧‍👧family (man, woman, girl, girl)👨‍👩‍👧‍👧people
🙂slightly smiling face🙂people faces
🕧clock face twelve-thirty🕧symbols
⛽️fuel pump⛽️place
🎥movie camera🎥objects, things
🎩top hat🎩fashion
😠angry face😠people faces
🔌electric plug🔌objects, things
🇬🇷flag of greece🇬🇷flags
🇳🇬flag of nigeria🇳🇬flags
🐠tropical fish🐠animals nature
📒ledger📒objects, things

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