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DATE and TIME Difference Calculator






Calculation preciseness (round to):

Years   Months   Weeks   Days  
Hours   Minutes  

Show result only in the selected unit.

Date and Time Difference Calculator

Use this tool to calculate the difference between two dates and times. Receive the result in years, months, weeks, days, hours and minutes or in a combination of them.

How to Use this tool:

Just select and choose year, month, date and time (hours and minute), then click calculate. You may click "get todays date and time" button to get todays date and right now's time.

Selecting: "Show result only in the selected unit." will give you only the result of the selected units.

You can receive a result to a selected preciseness and get it either in the way that humans usually use like "1 year, 2 months and 5 weeks" or entirely calculated in the selected unit - for example 11,067 hours. Play with it and you'll get a better idea.