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Text Symbols and Characters

Symbol HTML entity
Description Category
ǾǾ latin capital letter o with stroke and acute alphabet
⑩ circled number ten numeral,number
dždž latin small letter dz with caron alphabet
⟐ white diamond with centred dot shape
☥ ankh symbols
≖ ring in equal to math symbol
╩ box drawings double up and horizontal shape
ȩȩ latin small letter e with cedilla alphabet
⋗ greater than with dot math symbol
℆ cada una alphabet
ƞƞ latin small letter n with long right leg alphabet
↩ leftwards arrow with hook arrows
aa latin small letter a alphabet
⤎ leftwards triple dash arrow arrows
Ṭ latin capital letter t with dot below alphabet
ṟ latin small letter r with line below alphabet
ấ latin small letter a with circumflex and acute alphabet
ṍ latin small letter o with tilde and acute alphabet
➋ dingbat negative circled sans serif digit two numeral,number
≸ neither less than nor greater than math symbol
█ full block shape
⓶ double circled digit two numeral,number
ợ latin small letter o with horn and dot below alphabet
♅ uranus zodiac astrological sign symbols
⋣ not square original of or equal to math symbol
≪ much less than math symbol
ẘ latin small letter w with ring above alphabet
Ⓠ circled latin capital letter q alphabet
íí latin small letter i with acute alphabet
ƠƠ latin capital letter o with horn alphabet
⚜ fleur de lis symbols
⎞ right parenthesis upper hook punctuation
ỗ latin small letter o with circumflex and tilde alphabet
ự latin small letter u with horn and dot below alphabet
LL latin capital letter l alphabet
⋉ left normal factor semidirect product math symbol
✬ black centre white star symbols
⧱ error barred black diamond math symbol
ằ latin small letter a with breve and grave alphabet
╼ box drawings light left and heavy right shape
♈ aries zodiac astrological sign symbols
┮ box drawings right heavy and left down light shape
⋠ does not precede or equal math symbol
⚄ die face 5 symbols
⓽ double circled digit nine numeral,number
✦ black four pointed star symbols
◊ lozenge shape
ƓƓ latin capital letter g with hook alphabet
∝ proportional to math symbol
ŇŇ latin capital letter n with caron alphabet

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