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textSymbols textArt Emoji

Text Symbols and Characters

Symbol HTML entity
Description Category
¼¼ vulgar fraction one quarter punctuation
☔ umbrella with rain drops symbols
ïï latin small letter i with diaeresis alphabet
❰ heavy left pointing angle bracket ornament shape
ȨȨ latin capital letter e with cedilla alphabet
⁆ right square bracket with quill punctuation
⥃ leftwards arrow above short rightwards arrow arrows
⦔ right arc greater than bracket math symbol
ℭ black letter capital c alphabet
✍ writing hand symbols
⸰ ring point punctuation
⓬ negative circled number twelve numeral,number
ǘǘ latin small letter u with diaeresis and acute alphabet
⧾ tiny math symbol
❵ medium right curly bracket ornament punctuation
❫ medium flattened right parenthesis ornament punctuation
╜ box drawings up double and left single shape
ÿÿ latin small letter y with diaeresis alphabet
ƆƆ latin capital letter open o alphabet
Ẇ latin capital letter w with dot above alphabet
∰ volume integral math symbol
◓ circle with upper half black shape
≀ wreath product math symbol
ẜ latin small letter long s with diagonal stroke alphabet
⊥ up tack math symbol
⬂ south east white arrow arrows
⧊ triangle with dot above math symbol
ĴĴ latin capital letter j with circumflex alphabet
↶ anticlockwise top semicircle arrow arrows
▤ square with horizontal fill shape
▀ upper half block shape
⤻ bottom arc anticlockwise arrow arrows
ŬŬ latin capital letter u with breve alphabet
✣ four balloon spoked asterisk symbols
◬ white up pointing triangle with dot shape
✔ heavy check mark symbols
⟴ right arrow with circled plus arrows
▨ square with upper right to lower left fill shape
ⓗ circled latin small letter h alphabet
ễ latin small letter e with circumflex and tilde alphabet
▱ white parallelogram shape
ȿȿ latin small letter s with swash tail alphabet
⟉ superset preceding solidus math symbol
ṛ latin small letter r with dot below alphabet
♕ white chess queen symbols
kk latin small letter k alphabet
≖ ring in equal to math symbol
Ⓧ circled latin capital letter x alphabet
⟟ up tack with circle above math symbol
ℓ script small l alphabet

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