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Text Symbols and Characters

Symbol HTML entity
Description Category
⋷ small element of with overbar math symbol
⋉ left normal factor semidirect product math symbol
⓻ double circled digit seven numeral,number
╇ box drawings down light and up horizontal heavy shape
Ṽ latin capital letter v with tilde alphabet
⥂ rightwards arrow above short leftwards arrow arrows
☔ umbrella with rain drops symbols
╼ box drawings light left and heavy right shape
┕ box drawings up light and right heavy shape
› single right pointing angle quotation mark punctuation
❯ heavy right pointing angle quotation mark ornament punctuation
⚄ die face 5 symbols
⟣ white concave sided diamond with rightwards tick math symbol
⚡ high voltage sign symbols
OO latin capital letter o alphabet
Ṉ latin capital letter n with line below alphabet
Ṃ latin capital letter m with dot below alphabet
⊲ normal subgroup of math symbol
℺ rotated capital q alphabet
┞ box drawings up heavy and right down light shape
╔ box drawings double down and right shape
┙ box drawings up light and left heavy shape
⅚ vulgar fraction five sixths numeral,number
⚥ male and female sign symbols
➮ heavy upper right shadowed white rightwards arrow arrows
tt latin small letter t alphabet
ḯ latin small letter i with diaeresis and acute alphabet
⤡ north west and south east arrow arrows
↰ upwards arrow with tip leftwards arrows
⤯ falling diagonal crossing north east arrow arrows
§§ section sign punctuation
⊞ squared plus shape
⇥ rightwards arrow to bar arrows
◞ lower right quadrant circular arc shape
ƫƫ latin small letter t with palatal hook alphabet
∫ integral math symbol
⊓ square cap math symbol
⌠ top half integral punctuation
❜ heavy single comma quotation mark ornament punctuation
﷼ rial sign currency
ḳ latin small letter k with dot below alphabet
☵ trigram for water shape
őő latin small letter o with double acute alphabet
∈ element of math symbol
ℯ script small e alphabet
Ẍ latin capital letter x with diaeresis alphabet
✓ check mark symbols
⋦ less than but not equivalent to math symbol
⤦ south west arrow with hook arrows
⍔ apl functional symbol quad del arrows

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