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textSymbols textArt Emoji

Text Symbols and Characters

Symbol HTML entity
Description Category
⋚ less than equal to or greater than math symbol
❑ lower right shadowed white square shape
ṣ latin small letter s with dot below alphabet
⍥ apl functional symbol circle diaeresis symbols
♞ black chess knight symbols
❚ heavy vertical bar shape
⬣ horizontal black hexagon shape
-- hyphen minus punctuation
☟ white down pointing index symbols
☈ thunderstorm arrows
ĽĽ latin capital letter l with caron alphabet
%% percent sign punctuation
⅔ vulgar fraction two thirds numeral,number
Ả latin capital letter a with hook above alphabet
♼ recycled paper symbol symbols
⚥ male and female sign symbols
ćć latin small letter c with acute alphabet
≂ minus tilde math symbol
┒ box drawings down heavy and left light shape
⟔ upper left corner with dot math symbol
ẫ latin small letter a with circumflex and tilde alphabet
⥂ rightwards arrow above short leftwards arrow arrows
Ꝋ latin capital letter o with long stroke overlay alphabet
◮ up pointing triangle with right half black shape
ṥ latin small letter s with acute and dot above alphabet
CC latin capital letter c alphabet
₢ cruzeiro sign currency
ÿÿ latin small letter y with diaeresis alphabet
ạ latin small letter a with dot below alphabet
⥼ left fish tail shape
ÚÚ latin capital letter u with acute alphabet
ŅŅ latin capital letter n with cedilla alphabet
⇆ leftwards arrow over rightwards arrow arrows
⦉ z notation left binding bracket math symbol
∊ small element of math symbol
⅁ turned sans serif capital g alphabet
ţţ latin small letter t with cedilla alphabet
⓼ double circled digit eight numeral,number
ÒÒ latin capital letter o with grave alphabet
➧ squat black rightwards arrow arrows
aa latin small letter a alphabet
Ṗ latin capital letter p with dot above alphabet
≍ equivalent to math symbol
⋕ equal and parallel to math symbol
∳ anticlockwise contour integral math symbol
➥ heavy black curved downwards and rightwards arrow arrows
┗ box drawings heavy up and right shape
⬈ north east black arrow arrows
╻ box drawings heavy down shape
ll latin small letter l alphabet

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