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Text Symbols and Characters

Symbol HTML entity
Description Category
ỉ latin small letter i with hook above alphabet
ĄĄ latin capital letter a with ogonek alphabet
◲ white square with lower right quadrant shape
ếế latin small letter e with circumflex and acute alphabet
xx latin small letter x alphabet
≽ succeeds or equal to math symbol
ğğ latin small letter g with breve alphabet
❞ heavy double comma quotation mark ornament punctuation
⓪ circled digit zero numeral,number
∧ logical and math symbol
➹ heavy black feathered north east arrow arrows
┏ box drawings heavy down and right shape
✴ eight pointed black star symbols
⎪ curly bracket extension punctuation
⟜ left multimap math symbol
☭ hammer and sickle symbols
ị latin small letter i with dot below alphabet
⎥ right square bracket extension punctuation
⤚ rightwards arrow tail arrows
ŲŲ latin capital letter u with ogonek alphabet
⇒ rightwards double arrow arrows
 apple symbols
ƂƂ latin capital letter b with topbar alphabet
?? question mark punctuation
LJLJ latin capital letter lj alphabet
⑺ parenthesized digit seven numeral,number
ꞁ latin small letter turned l punctuation
※ reference mark punctuation
⦵ circle with horizontal bar math symbol
ŖŖ latin capital letter r with cedilla alphabet
╽ box drawings light up and heavy down shape
⇲ south east arrow to corner arrows
Ꝋ latin capital letter o with long stroke overlay alphabet
⥀ anticlockwise closed circle arrow arrows
⒀ parenthesized number thirteen numeral,number
⦁ z notation spot math symbol
ẞ latin capital letter sharp s alphabet
☬ adi shakti symbols
♉ taurus zodiac astrological sign symbols
⧊ triangle with dot above shape
▦ square with orthogonal crosshatch fill shape
♂ male sign symbols
⥕ downwards harpoon with barb right to bar arrows
‿ undertie punctuation
⇃ downwards harpoon with barb leftwards arrows
ȉȉ latin small letter i with double grave alphabet
&& ampersand punctuation
⦘ right black tortoise shell bracket math symbol
ǠǠ latin capital letter a with dot above and macron alphabet

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