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Text Symbols and Characters

Symbol HTML entity
Description Category
⋯ midline horizontal ellipsis math symbol
ⓢ circled latin small letter s alphabet
≝ equal to by definition math symbol
‗ double low line punctuation
ijij latin small ligature ij alphabet
⌥ option key symbols
◼ black medium square shape
ầ latin small letter a with circumflex and grave alphabet
⧸ big solidus shape
⦢ turned angle math symbol
≭ not equivalent to math symbol
⤺ top arc anticlockwise arrow arrows
ƋƋ latin capital letter d with topbar alphabet
″ double prime punctuation
⸫ one dot over two dots punctuation punctuation
⟽ long leftwards double arrow from bar arrows
⁌ black leftwards bullet symbols
ww latin small letter w alphabet
Ṡ latin capital letter s with dot above alphabet
⥣ upwards harpoon with barb left beside upwards harpoon with barb right arrows
ĶĶ latin capital letter k with cedilla alphabet
Ự latin capital letter u with horn and dot below alphabet
⦠ spherical angle opening left math symbol
✍ writing hand symbols
▒ medium shade shape
ǠǠ latin capital letter a with dot above and macron alphabet
Ḵ latin capital letter k with line below alphabet
⁕ flower punctuation mark punctuation
⊈ neither a subset of nor equal to math symbol
Ỡ latin capital letter o with horn and tilde alphabet
⚊ monogram for yang shape
⓪ circled digit zero numeral,number
│ box drawings light vertical shape
⤤ north east arrow with hook arrows
ǼǼ latin capital letter ae with acute alphabet
⚠ warning sign symbols
ȦȦ latin capital letter a with dot above alphabet
⥊ left barb up right barb down harpoon shape
ṯ latin small letter t with line below alphabet
ꜰ latin letter small capital f alphabet
ǤǤ latin capital letter g with stroke alphabet
ḓ latin small letter d with circumflex below alphabet
⚱ funeral urn symbols
≄ not asymptotically equal to math symbol
⟄ open superset math symbol
⦻ circle with superimposed x math symbol
ĻĻ latin capital letter l with cedilla alphabet
⊚ circled ring operator shape
⤲ north west arrow crossing north east arrow arrows
ꟿ latin epigraphic letter archaic m alphabet

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