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textSymbols textArt Emoji

Text Symbols and Characters

Symbol HTML entity
Description Category
⑳ circled number twenty numeral,number
ℤ double struck capital z alphabet
ƌƌ latin small letter d with topbar alphabet
ČČ latin capital letter c with caron alphabet
ńń latin small letter n with acute alphabet
Ṑ latin capital letter o with macron and grave alphabet
⋑ double superset math symbol
‖ double vertical line punctuation
∌ does not contain as member math symbol
yy latin small letter y alphabet
Ẳ latin capital letter a with breve and hook above alphabet
➵ black feathered rightwards arrow arrows
☤ caduceus symbols
⊑ square image of or equal to math symbol
⒐ digit nine full stop numeral,number
⥃ leftwards arrow above short rightwards arrow arrows
✄ white scissors symbols
⅍ aktieselskab punctuation
❜ heavy single comma quotation mark ornament punctuation
Ḵ latin capital letter k with line below alphabet
║ box drawings double vertical shape
≄ not asymptotically equal to math symbol
ĸĸ latin small letter kra alphabet
④ circled digit four numeral,number
⋖ less than with dot math symbol
ꜹ latin small letter av alphabet
◬ white up pointing triangle with dot shape
⊝ circled dash shape
⚜ fleur de lis symbols
ỏ latin small letter o with hook above alphabet
ȺȺ latin capital letter a with stroke alphabet
⒪ parenthesized latin small letter o alphabet
ƀƀ latin small letter b with stroke alphabet
dzdz latin small letter dz alphabet
⬆ upwards black arrow arrows
ɆɆ latin capital letter e with stroke alphabet
♀ female sign symbols
✫ open centre black star symbols
⧊ triangle with dot above math symbol
♟ black chess pawn symbols
╞ box drawings vertical single and right double shape
⊕ circled plus shape
✲ open centre asterisk symbols
╱ box drawings light diagonal upper right to lower left shape
✢ four teardrop spoked asterisk symbols
➙ heavy rightwards arrow arrows
⦠ spherical angle opening left math symbol
☉ sun symbols
LjLj latin capital letter l with small letter j alphabet

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