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Budget & Money Expenses Calculator

Smart money management begins with the ability to build a budget--a sensible budget! This monthly build a budget calculator will give you an objective view of your finances and help you find areas where you can trim expenses to make the most of your income.

Step 1: Monthly Income

Your Monthly Take Home Pay
Spouses Monthly Take Home Pay
(Take Home Pay is Net pay plus any loans automatically deducted from your pay check. Mortgage, Auto, etc.)
Other Monthly Income
Total Monthly Take Home Pay:

Step 2: Monthly Expenses

Rent & Mortgage
2nd Mortgage
Condo & Homeowners Fees
Home & Renters Insurance
Property Taxes (If not in mortgage)
Home Repairs & Maintenance
Electric & Gas
Water & Sewer
Phone & Cell
Cable & Internet
Car Payment 1
Car Payment 2
Monthly Car Insurance
Car Maintenance
Food and Personal:
Groceries & Households
Clothing for Family
Meals Out
School Lunches
Barber & Beauty Shop
Dry Cleaning & Laundry
Tobacco & Alcohol
Newspaper & Magazines
Health and Education:
Health Insurance (If not in pay)
Life Insurance(If not in pay)
School Supplies
Student Loan
College Tuition
Child Care
Child Support
Family Gifts
Employees/Co-workers Gifts
Decor/Wrapping paper
Travel/Party Foods
Hobbies & Sports
Pet Care
Church & Charitable Donation
Other Expenses
Monthly Minimum Credit Cards
Monthly Minimum Store Cards
Total Monthly Expenses:

Step 3: Monthly Surplus or Deficit

Total Monthly Income:
Total Monthly Expenses:
Monthly Surplus/Deficit(-) :