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The hour (common symbol: h or hr, h being the international form of the symbol) is a unit of measurement of time. In modern usage, an hour comprises 60 minutes, or 3,600 seconds. It is approximately  1/24 of a mean solar day.

An hour in the Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) time standard can include a negative or positive leap second, and may therefore have a duration of 3,599 or 3,601 seconds for adjustment purposes.

Although it is not a standard defined by the International System of Units (SI), the hour is a unit accepted for use with SI, represented by the symbol h.

Symbol/abbreviation: hr
Unit of: TIME
TIME's base unit: seconds (SI Unit)
In relation to the base unit (seconds), 1 Hours = 3600 seconds.

Conversion table
1 Hours (hr) to all time units

1 hr= 1.1415525114155E-13 aeons (eon)
1 hr= 1.488289484727E+20 atomic unit of time (au)
1 hr= 3.6E+21 attoseconds (as)
1 hr= 1.5010146859277E-6 callippic cycles (cali)
1 hr= 1.141407736208E-6 centuries (cent)
1 hr= 0.041666666666667 days (day)
1 hr= 1.141407736208E-5 decades (dec)
1 hr= 1.6307893020222E-5 dog years (dog yrs)
1 hr= 3.6E-15 exaseconds (Es)
1 hr= 3.6E+18 femtoseconds (fs)
1 hr= 0.0029752066115702 fortnights (fn)
1 hr= 4.9632717887632E-13 galactic years (gal)
1 hr= 3.6E-6 gigaseconds (Gs)
1 hr= 0.00011407945862452 gregorian years (GY)
1 hr= 1080.0010800011 helek (h)
1 hr= 3.7525705107999E-7 hipparchic cycles (HC)
1 hr= 1 hours (hr)
1 hr= 4.9632717887632E-13 indictions (in)
1 hr= 216000.0000864 jiffies (jiffy)
1 hr= 4 ke (ke)
1 hr= 3.6 kiloseconds (Ks)
1 hr= 0.00011384335154827 leap years (ly)
1 hr= 0.0014109662760326 lunar months (lm)
1 hr= 0.00011757955432646 lunar years (lunar yrs)
1 hr= 2.2831050228311E-5 lustrums (L)
1 hr= 0.040551845737535 mars days (Sol mars)
1 hr= 0.0036 megaseconds (Ms)
1 hr= 6.0038424591739E-6 metonic cycles (mc)
1 hr= 3600000000 microseconds (µs)
1 hr= 1.141407736208E-7 millenniums (mill)
1 hr= 41.666666666667 millidays (md)
1 hr= 3600000 milliseconds (ms)
1 hr= 60 minutes (min)
1 hr= 40 moments (moment)
1 hr= 0.0013698630136986 months (mo)
1 hr= 3600000000000 nanoseconds (ns)
1 hr= 1.4259639516313E-5 octaeteris (octa)
1 hr= 2.8519279032626E-5 olympiads (o)
1 hr= 3.6E-12 petaseconds (Ps)
1 hr= 3.6E+15 picoseconds (ps)
1 hr= 6.6775362117224E+46 planck times (tp)
1 hr= 3600 seconds (s)
1 hr= 360000000000 shakes (shake)
1 hr= 0.041780741631375 sidereal days (Sd)
1 hr= 0.00011407512977096 sidereal years (Sy)
1 hr= 3600000000 sigmas (Sigma)
1 hr= 7.8135011048291E-8 sothic cycles (Sc)
1 hr= 3.6E+16 svedbergs (S)
1 hr= 3.6E-9 teraseconds (Ts)
1 hr= 0.00011407955462183 tropical years (TY)
1 hr= 0.005952380952381 weeks (wk)
1 hr= 0.00011415525114155 years (yr)
1 hr= 3.6E+27 yoctoseconds (ys)
1 hr= 3.6E-21 yottaseconds (Ys)
1 hr= 3.6E+24 zeptoseconds (zs)
1 hr= 3.6E-18 zettaseconds (Zs)