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Inches Per Minute

Inches Per Minute
Symbol/abbreviation: in/min
Unit of: SPEED
SPEED's base unit: meters per second (Non-SI Unit)
In relation to the base unit (meters per second), 1 Inches Per Minute = 0.000423 meters per second.

Conversion table
1 Inches Per Minute (in/min) to all speed units

1 in/min= 152.2798781761 centimeters per hour (cm/h)
1 in/min= 2.5379949240102 centimeters per minute (cm/min)
1 in/min= 0.0423 centimeters per second (cm/s)
1 in/min= 5.3544303797468E-8 cosmic velocity first (v1)
1 in/min= 3.7767857142857E-8 cosmic velocity second (v2)
1 in/min= 2.5374925014997E-8 cosmic velocity third (v3)
1 in/min= 1.421132202251E-8 earth velocity (v)
1 in/min= 5 feet per hour (ft/h)
1 in/min= 0.083267716535433 feet per minute (ft/m)
1 in/min= 0.0013877952755906 feet per second (ft/s)
1 in/min= 2.5434506146672 furlongs per fortnight (f/fn)
1 in/min= 60 inches per hour (in/h)
1 in/min= 1 inches per minute (in/min)
1 in/min= 0.016653543307087 inches per second (in/s)
1 in/min= 0.001522798781761 kilometers per hour (km/h)
1 in/min= 2.5379949240102E-5 kilometers per minute (km/m)
1 in/min= 4.23E-7 kilometers per second (km/s)
1 in/min= 0.00082224693066689 knots (kn)
1 in/min= 0.00082172141895554 knots admiralty (kn[admiralty])
1 in/min= 1.4338983050847E-6 mach number (M)
1 in/min= 1.522798781761 meters per hour (m/h)
1 in/min= 0.025379949240102 meters per minute (m/min)
1 in/min= 0.000423 meters per second (m/s)
1 in/min= 0.00094622405153901 miles per hour (mi/h)
1 in/min= 1.5770400858984E-5 miles per minute (mi/m)
1 in/min= 2.6284001431639E-7 miles per second (mi/s)
1 in/min= 1522.798781761 millimeters per hour (mm/h)
1 in/min= 25.379949240102 millimeters per minute (mm/min)
1 in/min= 0.423 millimeters per second (mm/s)
1 in/min= 1.4109761226882E-12 speed of light (c)
1 in/min= 1.4338983050847E-6 speed of light in air (s[air])
1 in/min= 1.4109761226882E-12 speed of light in vacuum (c[vacuum])
1 in/min= 2.852903486882E-7 velocity of sound in pure water (v/soundwater)
1 in/min= 2.7799684542587E-7 velocity of sound in sea water 20c 10 meter deep (v/soundsea)
1 in/min= 1.6653543307087 yards per hour (yd/h)
1 in/min= 0.027755905511811 yards per minute (yd/min)
1 in/min= 0.00046259842519685 yards per second (yd/s)