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Small Gross

A small gross or a great hundred refers to a group of 120 items (ten dozen).

Small Gross
Symbol/abbreviation: sm gr
QUANTITY's base unit: items (Non-SI Unit)
In relation to the base unit (items), 1 Small Gross = 120 items.

Conversion table
1 Small Gross (sm gr) to all quantity units

1 sm gr= 9.2307692307692 bakers dozen (bk doz)
1 sm gr= 60 couples (cp)
1 sm gr= 0.83333333333333 dozen dozen (doz doz)
1 sm gr= 10 dozens (doz)
1 sm gr= 0.069444444444444 great gross (gr gr)
1 sm gr= 0.83333333333333 gross (gr)
1 sm gr= 20 half dozen (half dz)
1 sm gr= 120 items (i)
1 sm gr= 1 long hundred (lg100)
1 sm gr= 1.9926468485126E-22 moles (mol)
1 sm gr= 60 pairs (pr)
1 sm gr= 120 pieces (pcs)
1 sm gr= 0.24 reams (r)
1 sm gr= 6 scores (sc)
1 sm gr= 1 small gross (sm gr)
1 sm gr= 0.83333333333333 square dozen (sq doz)
1 sm gr= 40 trio (3)
1 sm gr= 120 units (u)