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X Unit

The x unit (symbol xu) is a unit of length approximately equal to 0.1 pm (10−13 m). It is used to quote the wavelength of X-rays and gamma rays.

X Unit
Symbol/abbreviation: xu
Unit of: LENGTH
LENGTH's base unit: meters (SI Unit)
In relation to the base unit (meters), 1 X Unit = 1.002004E-13 meters.

Conversion table
1 X Unit (xu) to all length units

1 xu= 5.5228566929003E-11 agate [typography] (agate)
1 xu= 1.6875061049753E-13 alens (aln)
1 xu= 0.001002004 angstroms (Å)
1 xu= 6.6979830348615E-25 astronomical unit (au)
1 xu= 100200.4 attometers (am)
1 xu= 1.1834692913386E-11 barleycorns (bcorn)
1 xu= 0.1002004 bicrons (μμ)
1 xu= 1.2452328402132E-15 blocks (bl)
1 xu= 0.0018935138904374 bohr radius (Bohr)
1 xu= 5.4069320693466E-16 cable length uk (cbl[UK])
1 xu= 4.5658537474482E-16 cable length us (cbl[US])
1 xu= 3.9448976377953E-10 calibers (cal)
1 xu= 3.9448976377953E-10 centiinch (cin)
1 xu= 1.002004E-11 centimeters (cm)
1 xu= 4.9809313608526E-15 chains (ch)
1 xu= 2.1916097987752E-13 cubits (cbt)
1 xu= 1.002004E-14 decameters (dam)
1 xu= 1.002004E-12 decimeters (dm)
1 xu= 2.6651011467544E-10 didot points (didot point)
1 xu= 5.2598635170604E-12 digits (digit)
1 xu= 2.50501E-21 earth circumference (Ec)
1 xu= 2.6066565730667E-22 earth to moon distance (EM d)
1 xu= 8.7664391951006E-14 ells (eel)
1 xu= 2.3758146261204E-11 ems (EM)
1 xu= 1.002004E-31 exameters (Em)
1 xu= 5.4790244969379E-14 fathoms (fath)
1 xu= 3.2874146981627E-13 feet (ft)
1 xu= 100.2004 femtometers (fm)
1 xu= 100.2004 fermi (fermi)
1 xu= 8.7664391951006E-13 finger cloth (finer)
1 xu= 4.5084544431946E-12 fingerbreadth (fb)
1 xu= 3.1900795924865E-13 fods (fod)
1 xu= 1.0958048993876E-15 football field length [US] (fbf[US])
1 xu= 4.9809313608526E-16 furlongs (fur)
1 xu= 1.002004E-22 gigameters (Gm)
1 xu= 3.2532597402597E-15 greek plethron (pleth)
1 xu= 5.4162378378378E-16 greek stadion (std)
1 xu= 9.8622440944882E-13 hands (h)
1 xu= 1.002004E-15 hectometers (hm)
1 xu= 1.002004E-8 himetrics (hiMetric)
1 xu= 4.1750166666667E-14 horse length (hl)
1 xu= 5.283482932288E-14 hvats (hvat)
1 xu= 3.9448976377953E-12 inches (in)
1 xu= 1.002004E-16 kilometers (km)
1 xu= 3.2469345430979E-33 kiloparsecs (kpc)
1 xu= 3.8687413127413E-27 light days (ld)
1 xu= 9.2864133456905E-26 light hours (lh)
1 xu= 5.5697832128961E-24 light minutes (lmin)
1 xu= 1.2894144897697E-28 light months (lm)
1 xu= 3.3422414943296E-22 light seconds (ls)
1 xu= 1.0590888912377E-29 light years (ly)
1 xu= 4.7714476190476E-11 lines (l)
1 xu= 4.9809213989851E-13 links (li)
1 xu= 2.6066565730667E-22 lunar distance (LD)
1 xu= 1.002004E-19 megameters (Mm)
1 xu= 1.002004E-13 meters (m)
1 xu= 3.3400133333333E-13 metric foot (mf)
1 xu= 3.9448976377953E-6 microinches (μin)
1 xu= 1.002004E-7 micrometers (μm)
1 xu= 0.1002004 micromicrons (μμm)
1 xu= 6.2261642010658E-17 miles (mi)
1 xu= 1.002004E-10 millimeters (mm)
1 xu= 3.9448976377953E-9 mils (mil)
1 xu= 1.002004E-17 myriameters (Mym)
1 xu= 1.7532878390201E-12 nails cloth (nail)
1 xu= 0.0001002004 nanometers (nm)
1 xu= 1.8034629229662E-17 nautical leagues (Nl)
1 xu= 5.4103887688985E-17 nautical miles (NM)
1 xu= 1.3149658792651E-13 paces (pace)
1 xu= 1.3149658792651E-12 palms (palm)
1 xu= 3.2472738111404E-30 parsecs (pc)
1 xu= 1.992372544341E-14 perch (perch)
1 xu= 1.002004E-28 petameters (Pm)
1 xu= 2.3669385845409E-11 picas (p)
1 xu= 0.1002004 picometers (pm)
1 xu= 3.7871022093987E-10 pixels (PX)
1 xu= 6.262525E+21 planck length (pl)
1 xu= 2.8403245100318E-10 points (pt)
1 xu= 1.992372544341E-14 poles (pole)
1 xu= 2.2542272215973E-12 rack unit (ru)
1 xu= 2.3669388808742E-11 rems (rem)
1 xu= 1.992372544341E-14 rods (rd)
1 xu= 2.8225464788732E-15 roman actus (actus)
1 xu= 1.6437073490814E-14 ropes (rope)
1 xu= 1.002004E-17 scandinavian miles (mil[Scandinavian])
1 xu= 6.6978877005348E-31 siriometer (sir)
1 xu= 4.3832195975503E-13 spans (span)
1 xu= 1.002004E-25 terameters (Tm)
1 xu= 3.9448976377953E-9 thou (th)
1 xu= 5.6806168150122E-9 twips (twip)
1 xu= 1.1570484988453E-13 varas [Argentina] (vr[Argentina])
1 xu= 1.1954211306281E-13 varas [California] (vr[California])
1 xu= 1.1597268518519E-13 varas [Latin America] (vr[Latin])
1 xu= 1.1956802940264E-13 varas [Mexico] (vr[Mexico])
1 xu= 1.1987127646848E-13 varas [Spanish] (vr[Spanish])
1 xu= 1.183464632029E-13 varas [Texas] (vr[Texas])
1 xu= 9.3926134233221E-17 versts (vst)
1 xu= 1 x unit (xu)
1 xu= 1.0958048993876E-13 yards (yd)
1 xu= 100200400000 yoctometers (ym)
1 xu= 1.002004E-37 yottameters (Ym)
1 xu= 100200400 zeptometers (zm)
1 xu= 1.002004E-34 zettameters (Zm)
1 xu= 3.9448976377953E-12 zolls (zoll)