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The micrometer (symbol: μm) or micrometre (UK & International spelling), also commonly known as a micron, is an SI derived unit of length equaling 1×10−6 of a meter (SI standard prefix "micro-" = 10−6); that is, one millionth of a meter (or one thousandth of a millimeter, 0.001 mm, or about 0.000039 inch). The symbol μm is sometimes rendered as um if the symbol μ cannot be used, or if the writer is not aware of the distinction.

The micrometer is a common unit of measurement for wavelengths of infrared radiation as well as sizes of biological cells and bacteria and is also commonly used in plastics manufacturing. Micrometers are the standard for grading wool by the diameter of the fibers; wool finer than 25 μm can be used for garments, while coarser grades are used for outerwear, rugs, and carpets. The width of a single human hair ranges from approximately 10 to 200 μm. The first and longest human chromosome is 10μm in length.

Symbol/abbreviation: μm
Unit of: LENGTH
LENGTH's base unit: meters (SI Unit)
In relation to the base unit (meters), 1 Micrometers = 1.0E-6 meters.

Conversion table
1 Micrometers (μm) to all length units

1 μm= 0.0005511811023609 agate [typography] (agate)
1 μm= 1.6841311062384E-6 alens (aln)
1 μm= 10000 angstroms (Å)
1 μm= 6.6845871222684E-18 astronomical unit (au)
1 μm= 1000000000000 attometers (am)
1 μm= 0.00011811023622047 barleycorns (bcorn)
1 μm= 1000000 bicrons (μμ)
1 μm= 1.2427423844747E-8 blocks (bl)
1 μm= 18897.268777744 bohr radius (Bohr)
1 μm= 5.3961182483768E-9 cable length uk (cbl[UK])
1 μm= 4.5567220764071E-9 cable length us (cbl[US])
1 μm= 0.0039370078740157 calibers (cal)
1 μm= 0.0039370078740157 centiinch (cin)
1 μm= 0.0001 centimeters (cm)
1 μm= 4.9709695378987E-8 chains (ch)
1 μm= 2.1872265966754E-6 cubits (cbt)
1 μm= 1.0E-7 decameters (dam)
1 μm= 1.0E-5 decimeters (dm)
1 μm= 0.0026597709657391 didot points (didot point)
1 μm= 5.249343832021E-5 digits (digit)
1 μm= 2.5E-14 earth circumference (Ec)
1 μm= 2.6014432807322E-15 earth to moon distance (EM d)
1 μm= 8.7489063867017E-7 ells (eel)
1 μm= 0.00023710630158366 ems (EM)
1 μm= 1.0E-24 exameters (Em)
1 μm= 5.4680664916885E-7 fathoms (fath)
1 μm= 3.2808398950131E-6 feet (ft)
1 μm= 1000000000 femtometers (fm)
1 μm= 1000000000 fermi (fermi)
1 μm= 8.7489063867017E-6 finger cloth (finer)
1 μm= 4.4994375703037E-5 fingerbreadth (fb)
1 μm= 3.1836994587711E-6 fods (fod)
1 μm= 1.0936132983377E-8 football field length [US] (fbf[US])
1 μm= 4.9709695378987E-9 furlongs (fur)
1 μm= 1.0E-15 gigameters (Gm)
1 μm= 3.2467532467532E-8 greek plethron (pleth)
1 μm= 5.4054054054054E-9 greek stadion (std)
1 μm= 9.8425196850394E-6 hands (h)
1 μm= 1.0E-8 hectometers (hm)
1 μm= 0.1 himetrics (hiMetric)
1 μm= 4.1666666666667E-7 horse length (hl)
1 μm= 5.2729160086067E-7 hvats (hvat)
1 μm= 3.9370078740157E-5 inches (in)
1 μm= 1.0E-9 kilometers (km)
1 μm= 3.2404406999352E-26 kiloparsecs (kpc)
1 μm= 3.8610038610039E-20 light days (ld)
1 μm= 9.2678405931418E-19 light hours (lh)
1 μm= 5.5586436909394E-17 light minutes (lmin)
1 μm= 1.2868356710848E-21 light months (lm)
1 μm= 3.3355570380254E-15 light seconds (ls)
1 μm= 1.056970721911E-22 light years (ly)
1 μm= 0.00047619047619048 lines (l)
1 μm= 4.9709595959548E-6 links (li)
1 μm= 2.6014432807322E-15 lunar distance (LD)
1 μm= 1.0E-12 megameters (Mm)
1 μm= 1.0E-6 meters (m)
1 μm= 3.3333333333333E-6 metric foot (mf)
1 μm= 39.370078740157 microinches (μin)
1 μm= 1 micrometers (μm)
1 μm= 1000000 micromicrons (μμm)
1 μm= 6.2137119223733E-10 miles (mi)
1 μm= 0.001 millimeters (mm)
1 μm= 0.039370078740157 mils (mil)
1 μm= 1.0E-10 myriameters (Mym)
1 μm= 1.7497812773403E-5 nails cloth (nail)
1 μm= 1000 nanometers (nm)
1 μm= 1.7998560115191E-10 nautical leagues (Nl)
1 μm= 5.3995680345572E-10 nautical miles (NM)
1 μm= 1.3123359580052E-6 paces (pace)
1 μm= 1.3123359580052E-5 palms (palm)
1 μm= 3.2407792894444E-23 parsecs (pc)
1 μm= 1.9883878151595E-7 perch (perch)
1 μm= 1.0E-21 petameters (Pm)
1 μm= 0.00023622047262695 picas (p)
1 μm= 1000000 picometers (pm)
1 μm= 0.0037795280352161 pixels (PX)
1 μm= 6.25E+28 planck length (pl)
1 μm= 0.0028346438836889 points (pt)
1 μm= 1.9883878151595E-7 poles (pole)
1 μm= 2.2497187851519E-5 rack unit (ru)
1 μm= 0.00023622050220101 rems (rem)
1 μm= 1.9883878151595E-7 rods (rd)
1 μm= 2.8169014084507E-8 roman actus (actus)
1 μm= 1.6404199475066E-7 ropes (rope)
1 μm= 1.0E-10 scandinavian miles (mil[Scandinavian])
1 μm= 6.6844919786096E-24 siriometer (sir)
1 μm= 4.3744531933508E-6 spans (span)
1 μm= 1.0E-18 terameters (Tm)
1 μm= 0.039370078740157 thou (th)
1 μm= 0.056692556267362 twips (twip)
1 μm= 1.1547344110855E-6 varas [Argentina] (vr[Argentina])
1 μm= 1.1930302979111E-6 varas [California] (vr[California])
1 μm= 1.1574074074074E-6 varas [Latin America] (vr[Latin])
1 μm= 1.1932889429847E-6 varas [Mexico] (vr[Mexico])
1 μm= 1.1963153487259E-6 varas [Spanish] (vr[Spanish])
1 μm= 1.1810977122137E-6 varas [Texas] (vr[Texas])
1 μm= 9.3738282714661E-10 versts (vst)
1 μm= 9980000.07984 x unit (xu)
1 μm= 1.0936132983377E-6 yards (yd)
1 μm= 1.0E+18 yoctometers (ym)
1 μm= 1.0E-30 yottameters (Ym)
1 μm= 1.0E+15 zeptometers (zm)
1 μm= 1.0E-27 zettameters (Zm)
1 μm= 3.9370078740157E-5 zolls (zoll)