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Symbol/abbreviation: PN
Unit of: FORCE
FORCE's base unit: newtons (Derived SI Unit)
In relation to the base unit (newtons), 1 Petanewtons = 1.0E+15 newtons.

Conversion table
1 Petanewtons (PN) to all force units

1 PN= 1.2137804779884E+22 atomic units of force (auf)
1 PN= 1.0E+33 attonewtons (aN)
1 PN= 1.0197162129779E+19 centigrams force (cgf)
1 PN= 1.0E+17 centinewtons (cN)
1 PN= 1.0E+14 decanewtons (daN)
1 PN= 1.0E+16 decinewtons (dN)
1 PN= 1.0E+20 dynes (dyn)
1 PN= 0.001 exanewtons (EN)
1 PN= 1.0E+30 femtonewtons (fN)
1 PN= 1000000 giganewtons (GN)
1 PN= 1.0197162129779E+17 grams force (gf)
1 PN= 1.0197162129779E+14 graves force (grv.f)
1 PN= 10000000000000 hectonewtons (hN)
1 PN= 1.0E+17 joules per centimeter (J/cm)
1 PN= 1.0E+15 joules per meter (J/m)
1 PN= 1.0197162129779E+14 kilograms force (kgf)
1 PN= 1000000000000 kilonewtons (kN)
1 PN= 1.0197162129779E+14 kiloponds (kp)
1 PN= 224808943062.34 kilopounds force (kpf)
1 PN= 224808943099.71 kips (kip)
1 PN= 101971621297.79 megagrams force (Mgf)
1 PN= 1000000000 meganewtons (MN)
1 PN= 1.0197162129779E+23 micrograms force (µgf)
1 PN= 1.0E+21 micronewtons (µN)
1 PN= 1.0197162129779E+20 milligrams force (mgf)
1 PN= 1.0197162129779E+17 milligraves force (mgrv.f)
1 PN= 1.0E+18 millinewtons (mN)
1 PN= 1.0E+24 nanonewtons (nN)
1 PN= 1.0E+15 newtons (N)
1 PN= 3.5969411612365E+15 ounces force (ozf)
1 PN= 1 petanewtons (PN)
1 PN= 1.0E+27 piconewtons (pN)
1 PN= 1.0197162129779E+17 ponds (p)
1 PN= 7.2330114643232E+15 pound foot per square second (lbf/s2)
1 PN= 2.4110038214411E+15 pound yard per square second (lb.yd/s2)
1 PN= 7.2330138512099E+15 poundals (pdl)
1 PN= 2.2480892365534E+14 pounds force (lbf)
1 PN= 1000000000000 sthenes (sn)
1 PN= 16057781649979 stones force (stf)
1 PN= 1000 teranewtons (TN)
1 PN= 101971621297.79 tonnes force (tf)
1 PN= 100361000002.35 tons force[long] (tf long)
1 PN= 101971621297.79 tons force[metric] (tf metric)
1 PN= 112404000003.71 tons force[short] (tf short)
1 PN= 1.0E+39 yoctonewtons (yN)
1 PN= 1.0E-9 yottanewtons (YN)
1 PN= 1.0E+36 zeptonewtons (zN)
1 PN= 1.0E-6 zettanewtons (ZN)