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Petagrams Of TNT

Petagrams Of TNT
Symbol/abbreviation: PgTNT
Unit of: ENERGY
ENERGY's base unit: joules (Non-SI/Derived Unit)
In relation to the base unit (joules), 1 Petagrams Of TNT = 4.184E+18 joules.

Conversion table
1 Petagrams Of TNT (PgTNT) to all energy units

1 PgTNT= 52300 atomic bomb [nuclear weapon] (at bomb)
1 PgTNT= 9.5968937625695E+35 atomic unit of energy (au)
1 PgTNT= 4.184E+36 attojoules (aJ)
1 PgTNT= 1.1622222222222E+33 attowatt hour (aWh)
1 PgTNT= 683883622.09873 barrel of oil equivalent (BOE)
1 PgTNT= 3.9656662774298E+15 british thermal unit (BTU)
1 PgTNT= 3.9483990298867E+15 british thermal unit 39°F 3.9°C (BTU39°F)
1 PgTNT= 3.9666137026405E+15 british thermal unit 59°F 15°C (BTU59°F)
1 PgTNT= 3.967080062199E+15 british thermal unit 60°F 15.6°C (BTU60°F)
1 PgTNT= 3.967080062199E+15 british thermal unit 63°F 17.2°C (BTU63°F)
1 PgTNT= 3.9656662774298E+15 british thermal unit ISO (BTUiso)
1 PgTNT= 3.9656668313909E+15 british thermal unit IT (BTUit)
1 PgTNT= 3.962609033309E+15 british thermal unit Mean (BTUmean)
1 PgTNT= 3.9683207195118E+15 british thermal unit Thermochemical (BTUth)
1 PgTNT= 1.0E+18 calories (cal)
1 PgTNT= 9.9964161987815E+17 calories 15°C (cal15°C)
1 PgTNT= 1.0005021640881E+18 calories 20°C (cal20°C)
1 PgTNT= 9.9512427161375E+17 calories 3.98°C (cal3.98°C)
1 PgTNT= 9.9933123148944E+17 calories IT (calIT)
1 PgTNT= 9.9856325268137E+17 calories Mean (calMean)
1 PgTNT= 1.0E+18 calories Thermochemical (calTh)
1 PgTNT= 2.2031482396616E+15 celsius heat unit (CHU)
1 PgTNT= 4.184E+20 centijoules (cJ)
1 PgTNT= 1.1622222222222E+17 centiwatt hour (cWh)
1 PgTNT= 4.1292869479398E+19 cubic centimeter of atmosphere (cc atm)
1 PgTNT= 1.4582439236389E+15 cubic foot of atmosphere (cu ft atm)
1 PgTNT= 3965666831390.9 cubic foot of natural gas (cu ft ng)
1 PgTNT= 54009034208847 cubic yard of atmosphere (cu yd atm)
1 PgTNT= 4.184E+17 decajoules (daJ)
1 PgTNT= 1.1622222222222E+14 decawatt hour (daWh)
1 PgTNT= 4.184E+19 decijoules (dJ)
1 PgTNT= 1.1622222222222E+16 deciwatt hour (dWh)
1 PgTNT= 2.6114419103971E+37 electron volt (eV)
1 PgTNT= 4.184E+25 ergs (ergs)
1 PgTNT= 2.6114419103971E+19 exaelectron volt (EeV)
1 PgTNT= 4.184 exajoules (EJ)
1 PgTNT= 0.0011622222222222 exawatt hour (EWh)
1 PgTNT= 4.184E+33 femtojoules (fJ)
1 PgTNT= 1.1622222222222E+30 femtowatt hour (fWh)
1 PgTNT= 4.184E-26 foe (foe)
1 PgTNT= 3.0859553628063E+18 foot pound (ftlb)
1 PgTNT= 3.0859600325761E+18 foot pound force (ft lbf)
1 PgTNT= 9.9287827931318E+15 foot poundal (ft pdl)
1 PgTNT= 9.0831614594955E+15 gallon atmosphere UK (UK gal atm)
1 PgTNT= 1.090842207813E+16 gallon atmosphere US (US gal atm)
1 PgTNT= 34492992580.379 gasoline gallon equivalent (gge)
1 PgTNT= 2.6114419103971E+28 gigaelectron volt (GeV)
1 PgTNT= 1000000 gigagrams of TNT (GgTNT)
1 PgTNT= 4184000000 gigajoules (GJ)
1 PgTNT= 1 gigatons of TNT (GtTNT)
1 PgTNT= 1162222.2222222 gigawatt hour (GWh)
1 PgTNT= 1.0E+15 grams of TNT (gTNT)
1 PgTNT= 9.5968937625695E+35 hartree (Eh, Ha)
1 PgTNT= 4.184E+16 hectojoules (hJ)
1 PgTNT= 11622222222222 hectowatt hour (hWh)
1 PgTNT= 69733.333333333 hiroshima bomb explosion (hbe)
1 PgTNT= 1558565673018.2 horsepower hour (hph)
1 PgTNT= 3.7031520390913E+19 inch pound force (in lbf)
1 PgTNT= 4.184E+18 joules (J)
1 PgTNT= 1.0E+15 kilocalories (kcal)
1 PgTNT= 2.6114419103971E+34 kiloelectron volt (keV)
1 PgTNT= 1000000000000 kilograms of TNT (kgTNT)
1 PgTNT= 4.184E+15 kilojoules (kJ)
1 PgTNT= 1000000 kilotons of TNT (ktTNT)
1 PgTNT= 1162222222222.2 kilowatt hour (kWh)
1 PgTNT= 1.0E+15 large calories (Cal)
1 PgTNT= 4.1292869479398E+16 liter atmosphere (l atm)
1 PgTNT= 2.6114419103971E+31 megaelectron volt (MeV)
1 PgTNT= 1000000000 megagrams of TNT (MgTNT)
1 PgTNT= 4184000000000 megajoules (MJ)
1 PgTNT= 1000 megatons of TNT (MtTNT)
1 PgTNT= 1162222222.2222 megawatt hour (MWh)
1 PgTNT= 4.184E+24 microjoules (µJ)
1 PgTNT= 1.0E+15 microtons of TNT (μtTNT)
1 PgTNT= 1.1622222222222E+21 microwatt hour (μWh)
1 PgTNT= 2.6114419103971E+40 millielectron volt (meV)
1 PgTNT= 4.184E+21 millijoules (mJ)
1 PgTNT= 1000000000000 millitons of TNT (mtTNT)
1 PgTNT= 1.1622222222222E+18 milliwatt hour (mWh)
1 PgTNT= 4.184E+27 nanojoules (nJ)
1 PgTNT= 1.1622222222222E+24 nanowatt hour (nWh)
1 PgTNT= 4.184E+18 newton meter (Nm)
1 PgTNT= 2.6114419103971E+22 petaelectron volt (PeV)
1 PgTNT= 1 petagrams of TNT (PgTNT)
1 PgTNT= 4184 petajoules (PJ)
1 PgTNT= 1.1622222222222 petawatt hour (PWh)
1 PgTNT= 4.184E+30 picojoules (pJ)
1 PgTNT= 1.1622222222222E+27 picowatt hour (pWh)
1 PgTNT= 3.9656668313909 quads (quad)
1 PgTNT= 1.9193787525139E+36 rydberg (Ry)
1 PgTNT= 4.1292869479398E+19 standard cubic centimeter (scc)
1 PgTNT= 1.4582439236389E+15 standard cubic foot (scf)
1 PgTNT= 54009034208847 standard cubic yard (scy)
1 PgTNT= 2.6114419103971E+25 teraelectron volt (TeV)
1 PgTNT= 1000 teragrams of TNT (TgTNT)
1 PgTNT= 4184000 terajoules (TJ)
1 PgTNT= 0.001 teratons of TNT (TtTNT)
1 PgTNT= 1162.2222222222 terawatt hour (TWh)
1 PgTNT= 39666137026.405 therm US (thm)
1 PgTNT= 999331231489.44 thermie (th)
1 PgTNT= 142857142.85714 ton of coal equivalent (TCE)
1 PgTNT= 99933123.148944 tonne of oil equivalent (toe)
1 PgTNT= 1000000000 tons of TNT (tTNT)
1 PgTNT= 1.1622222222222E+15 watt hour (Wh)
1 PgTNT= 4.184E+42 yoctojoules (yJ)
1 PgTNT= 1.1622222222222E+39 yoctowatt hour (yWh)
1 PgTNT= 4.184E-6 yottajoules (YJ)
1 PgTNT= 1.1622222222222E-9 yottawatt hour (YWh)
1 PgTNT= 4.184E+39 zeptojoules (zJ)
1 PgTNT= 1.1622222222222E+36 zeptowatt hour (zWh)
1 PgTNT= 0.004184 zettajoules (ZJ)
1 PgTNT= 1.1622222222222E-6 zettawatt hour (ZWh)