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Symbol/abbreviation: GΩ
ELECTRIC-RESISTANCE's base unit: ohm (SI Unit)
In relation to the base unit (ohm), 1 Gigaohm = 1000000000 ohm.

Conversion table
1 Gigaohm (GΩ) to all electric-resistance units

1 GΩ= 1.0E+18 EMU of resistance (EMU)
1 GΩ= 0.00111000000111 ESU of resistance (ESU)
1 GΩ= 1 gigaohm (GΩ)
1 GΩ= 1000000 kiloohm (kΩ)
1 GΩ= 1000 megaohm (MΩ)
1 GΩ= 1.0E+15 microohm (μΩ)
1 GΩ= 1000000000000 milliohm (mΩ)
1 GΩ= 1000000000 ohm (Ω)
1 GΩ= 38740.461439806 quantized hall resistance (Qhr)
1 GΩ= 1000000000 reciprocal siemens (1/S)
1 GΩ= 0.001112653456 statohm (stΩ)
1 GΩ= 1000000000 volt per ampere (V/A)