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Symbol/abbreviation: μas
Unit of: ANGLE
ANGLE's base unit: radians (Non-SI Unit)
In relation to the base unit (radians), 1 Microarcseconds = 4.8481368E-12 radians.

Conversion table
1 Microarcseconds (μas) to all angle units

1 μas= 4.9382701059742E-9 angular mils (µ mil)
1 μas= 1.6666678584197E-8 arcminutes (arcmin)
1 μas= 9.9999995874704E-7 arcseconds (arcsec)
1 μas= 1.9753086379512E-10 binary degrees (b deg)
1 μas= 1.9753086379512E-10 binary radians (brad)
1 μas= 3.0864125286478E-8 centesimal minute of arc (c MOA)
1 μas= 3.0864203881344E-6 centesimal second of arc (c SOA)
1 μas= 4.8481368E-10 centiradians (crad)
1 μas= 7.7160436020556E-13 circles (o)
1 μas= 2.7777776630942E-10 degrees (°deg)
1 μas= 2.9088820811636E-10 diameter parts (Ø part)
1 μas= 3.0864197986715E-10 gons (gon)
1 μas= 3.0864197986715E-10 gradians (grad)
1 μas= 4.6296296190193E-11 hexacontades (hc)
1 μas= 1.8518518476785E-11 hour angles (HA)
1 μas= 1 microarcseconds (μas)
1 μas= 4.8481368E-6 microradians (µrad)
1 μas= 0.001 milliarcseconds (mas)
1 μas= 4.8481368E-9 milliradians (mrad/mil)
1 μas= 4.8481368E-9 mils[milliradians] (mil)
1 μas= 1.6666678584197E-8 minute of arc (MOA)
1 μas= 0.0048481368 nanoradians (nrad)
1 μas= 6.1728407762688E-12 octants (oct)
1 μas= 2.469135796936E-11 points[Navigation] (p)
1 μas= 3.0864203881344E-12 quadrants (quad)
1 μas= 4.8481368E-12 radians (rad)
1 μas= 7.7160436020556E-13 revolutions (rev)
1 μas= 7.7160436020556E-13 rotations (rot)
1 μas= 9.9999995874704E-7 second of arc (SOA)
1 μas= 4.6296276348885E-12 sextants (60°)
1 μas= 9.2592375859435E-12 signs (30°)
1 μas= 7.7160436020556E-13 turns (t)