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Text Symbols and Characters

Symbol HTML entity
Description Category
bb latin small letter b alphabet
∹ excess math symbol
∪ union math symbol
❥ rotated heavy black heart bullet symbols
↞ leftwards two headed arrow arrows
JJ latin capital letter j alphabet
Reversepunctuation \
ïï latin small letter i with diaeresis alphabet
ⱪ latin small letter k with descender alphabet
∙ bullet operator math symbol
↷ clockwise top semicircle arrow arrows
⧷ reverse solidus with horizontal stroke math symbol
⓱ negative circled number seventeen numeral,number
╡ box drawings vertical single and left double shape
➏ dingbat negative circled sans serif digit six numeral,number
Ⓦ circled latin capital letter w alphabet
✤ heavy four balloon spoked asterisk symbols
⥆ leftwards arrow with plus below arrows
⇪ upwards white arrow from bar arrows
┖ box drawings up heavy and right light shape
❳ light right tortoise shell bracket ornament punctuation
⚧ male with stroke and male and female sign symbols
ⅈ double struck italic small i alphabet
€ euro sign currency
ʼnʼn latin small letter n preceded by apostrophe alphabet
⤱ north east arrow crossing north west arrow arrows
♷ recycling symbol for type 5 plastics symbols
▏ left one eighth block shape
ồ latin small letter o with circumflex and grave alphabet
▜ quadrant upper left and upper right and lower right shape
⤐ rightwards two headed triple dash arrow arrows
⟧ mathematical right white square bracket math symbol
◮ up pointing triangle with right half black shape
✕ multiplication x shape
⋓ double union math symbol
⥖ leftwards harpoon with barb down to bar arrows
꞊ modifier letter short equals sign punctuation
įį latin small letter i with ogonek alphabet
Ṹ latin capital letter u with tilde and acute alphabet
⤚ rightwards arrow tail arrows
ể latin small letter e with circumflex and hook above alphabet
▖ quadrant lower left shape
⎤ right square bracket upper corner punctuation
Ṩ latin capital letter s with dot below and dot above alphabet
₡ colon sign currency
ꜰ latin letter small capital f alphabet
⬏ rightwards arrow with tip upwards arrows
³³ superscript three numeral,number
′ prime punctuation
ằ latin small letter a with breve and grave alphabet

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