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Text Symbols and Characters

Symbol HTML entity
Description Category
ÚÚ latin capital letter u with acute alphabet
⍃ apl functional symbol quad less than arrows
╤ box drawings down single and horizontal double shape
¾¾ vulgar fraction three quarters punctuation
⟝ long right tack math symbol
┧ box drawings down heavy and left up light shape
⤬ falling diagonal crossing rising diagonal shape
៛ khmer currency symbol riel currency
Ḏ latin capital letter d with line below alphabet
⤘ rightwards two headed arrow with tail with double vertical stroke arrows
▷ white right pointing triangle shape
✮ heavy outlined black star symbols
∐ n ary coproduct math symbol
‒ figure dash shape
⧉ two joined squares shape
⬏ rightwards arrow with tip upwards arrows
aa latin small letter a alphabet
― horizontal bar punctuation
◥ black upper right triangle shape
Ṋ latin capital letter n with circumflex below alphabet
ℎ planck constant alphabet
:: colon punctuation
ể latin small letter e with circumflex and hook above alphabet
ꜰ latin letter small capital f alphabet
®® registered sign punctuation
Ṹ latin capital letter u with tilde and acute alphabet
☷ trigram for earth shape
ƯƯ latin capital letter u with horn alphabet
⬚ dotted square shape
⦢ turned angle math symbol
⤟ leftwards arrow from bar to black diamond arrows
Ⓚ circled latin capital letter k alphabet
ƴƴ latin small letter y with hook alphabet
≷ greater than or less than math symbol
ȖȖ latin capital letter u with inverted breve alphabet
ḁ latin small letter a with ring below alphabet
⤰ rising diagonal crossing south east arrow arrows
✦ black four pointed star symbols
ḗ latin small letter e with macron and acute alphabet
⁑ two asterisks aligned vertically punctuation
ǠǠ latin capital letter a with dot above and macron alphabet
ℐ script capital i alphabet
&#8377 indian rupee sign currency
IJIJ latin capital ligature ij alphabet
ÄÄ latin capital letter a with diaeresis alphabet
⋳ element of with vertical bar at end of horizontal stroke math symbol
ḍ latin small letter d with dot below alphabet
⸘ inverted interrobang punctuation
ẁ latin small letter w with grave alphabet
≥ greater than or equal to math symbol

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