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Text Symbols and Characters

Symbol HTML entity
Description Category
ṳ latin small letter u with diaeresis below alphabet
⦌ right square bracket with underbar math symbol
⍤ apl functional symbol jot diaeresis symbols
❪ medium flattened left parenthesis ornament shape
⧒ bowtie with right half black math symbol
ⓐ circled latin small letter a alphabet
⋙ very much greater than math symbol
ẝ latin small letter long s with high stroke alphabet
⚓ anchor symbols
⦋ left square bracket with underbar math symbol
┴ box drawings light up and horizontal shape
ǺǺ latin capital letter a with ring above and acute alphabet
✫ open centre black star symbols
ḕ latin small letter e with macron and grave alphabet
ćć latin small letter c with acute alphabet
≜ delta equal to math symbol
ĹĹ latin capital letter l with acute alphabet
⁙ five dot punctuation punctuation
⎷ radical symbol bottom symbols
ḃ latin small letter b with dot above alphabet
Ở latin capital letter o with horn and hook above alphabet
◮ up pointing triangle with right half black shape
ɀɀ latin small letter z with swash tail alphabet
⥢ leftwards harpoon with barb up above leftwards harpoon with barb down arrows
╄ box drawings right up heavy and left down light shape
☛ black right pointing index symbols
↓ downwards arrow arrows
℅ care of punctuation
⒒ number eleven full stop numeral,number
⧪ black diamond with down arrow math symbol
⤙ leftwards arrow tail arrows
¾¾ vulgar fraction three quarters punctuation
┌ box drawings light down and right shape
⥋ left barb down right barb up harpoon shape
⊖ circled minus math symbol
⟐ white diamond with centred dot math symbol
⧂ circle with small circle to the right math symbol
Ṃ latin capital letter m with dot below alphabet
⌒ arc shape
↻ clockwise open circle arrow arrows
⏧ electrical intersection symbols
ⓓ circled latin small letter d alphabet
Ḿ latin capital letter m with acute alphabet
ȠȠ latin capital letter n with long right leg alphabet
Ỽ latin capital letter middle welsh v alphabet
⥷ leftwards arrow through less than arrows
⇘ south east double arrow arrows
⧫ black lozenge shape
⦖ double right arc less than bracket math symbol

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