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Text Symbols and Characters

Symbol HTML entity
Description Category
Ḁ latin capital letter a with ring below alphabet
≶ less than or greater than math symbol
ȻȻ latin capital letter c with stroke alphabet
♫ beamed eighth notes symbols
ÃÃ latin capital letter a with tilde alphabet
⊊ subset of with not equal to math symbol
❰ heavy left pointing angle bracket ornament punctuation
ȬȬ latin capital letter o with tilde and macron alphabet
❇ sparkle symbols
÷÷ division sign punctuation
⇐ leftwards double arrow arrows
⤐ rightwards two headed triple dash arrow arrows
∏ n ary product math symbol
≳ greater than or equivalent to math symbol
≪ much less than math symbol
Ⓖ circled latin capital letter g alphabet
ȲȲ latin capital letter y with macron alphabet
⊏ square image of math symbol
╬ box drawings double vertical and horizontal shape
ⓖ circled latin small letter g alphabet
⒄ parenthesized number seventeen numeral,number
╿ box drawings heavy up and light down shape
◥ black upper right triangle shape
Ẃ latin capital letter w with acute alphabet
꞊ modifier letter short equals sign punctuation
‑ non breaking hyphen shape
ññ latin small letter n with tilde alphabet
☤ caduceus symbols
↤ leftwards arrow from bar arrows
°° degree sign punctuation
◓ circle with upper half black shape
⇜ leftwards squiggle arrow arrows
⓺ double circled digit six numeral,number
▯ white vertical rectangle shape
ṭ latin small letter t with dot below alphabet
ⓡ circled latin small letter r alphabet
⚘ flower symbols
⎢ left square bracket extension punctuation
ẋ latin small letter x with dot above alphabet
※ reference mark punctuation
ḯ latin small letter i with diaeresis and acute alphabet
⍩ apl functional symbol greater than diaeresis symbols
Ḋ latin capital letter d with dot above alphabet
✵ eight pointed pinwheel star symbols
┓ box drawings heavy down and left shape
⍤ apl functional symbol jot diaeresis symbols
ⱳ latin small letter w with hook alphabet
Ṅ latin capital letter n with dot above alphabet
Ꜿ latin capital letter reversed c with dot alphabet
⒢ parenthesized latin small letter g alphabet

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