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Atomic Bomb [nuclear Weapon]

Atomic Bombs or Nuclear weapons have a large variety of energy yields. The first detonated on July 16, 1945 near Alamogordo, New Mexico, had a yield of about 19 kilotons or 80 terajoules (1 TJ = 10^12 J). The two bombs that were dropped on the Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II were comparable in size: 15 and 20 kilotons or 63 and 84 terajoules, respectively. The energy released by atomic bombs or nuclear weapons is measured in tons, kilotons, or megatons (millons of tons) of TNT.

Atomic Bomb [nuclear Weapon]
Symbol/abbreviation: at bomb
Unit of: ENERGY
ENERGY's base unit: joules (Non-SI/Derived Unit)
In relation to the base unit (joules), 1 Atomic Bomb [nuclear Weapon] = 80000000000000 joules.

Conversion table
1 Atomic Bomb [nuclear Weapon] (at bomb) to all energy units

1 at bomb= 1 atomic bomb [nuclear weapon] (at bomb)
1 at bomb= 1.8349701266863E+31 atomic unit of energy (au)
1 at bomb= 8.0E+31 attojoules (aJ)
1 at bomb= 2.2222222222222E+28 attowatt hour (aWh)
1 at bomb= 13076.168682576 barrel of oil equivalent (BOE)
1 at bomb= 75825359033.075 british thermal unit (BTU)
1 at bomb= 75495201336.265 british thermal unit 39°F 3.9°C (BTU39°F)
1 at bomb= 75843474237.868 british thermal unit 59°F 15°C (BTU59°F)
1 at bomb= 75852391246.634 british thermal unit 60°F 15.6°C (BTU60°F)
1 at bomb= 75852391246.634 british thermal unit 63°F 17.2°C (BTU63°F)
1 at bomb= 75825359033.075 british thermal unit ISO (BTUiso)
1 at bomb= 75825369625.065 british thermal unit IT (BTUit)
1 at bomb= 75766903122.544 british thermal unit Mean (BTUmean)
1 at bomb= 75876113183.782 british thermal unit Thermochemical (BTUth)
1 at bomb= 19120458891013 calories (cal)
1 at bomb= 19113606498626 calories 15°C (cal15°C)
1 at bomb= 19130060498816 calories 20°C (cal20°C)
1 at bomb= 19027232726840 calories 3.98°C (cal3.98°C)
1 at bomb= 19107671730200 calories IT (calIT)
1 at bomb= 19092987622971 calories Mean (calMean)
1 at bomb= 19120458891013 calories Thermochemical (calTh)
1 at bomb= 42125205347.259 celsius heat unit (CHU)
1 at bomb= 8.0E+15 centijoules (cJ)
1 at bomb= 2222222222222.2 centiwatt hour (cWh)
1 at bomb= 7.8953861337281E+14 cubic centimeter of atmosphere (cc atm)
1 at bomb= 27882292995.007 cubic foot of atmosphere (cu ft atm)
1 at bomb= 75825369.625065 cubic foot of natural gas (cu ft ng)
1 at bomb= 1032677518.3336 cubic yard of atmosphere (cu yd atm)
1 at bomb= 8000000000000 decajoules (daJ)
1 at bomb= 2222222222.2222 decawatt hour (daWh)
1 at bomb= 8.0E+14 decijoules (dJ)
1 at bomb= 222222222222.22 deciwatt hour (dWh)
1 at bomb= 4.9931967694017E+32 electron volt (eV)
1 at bomb= 8.0E+20 ergs (ergs)
1 at bomb= 4.9931967694017E+14 exaelectron volt (EeV)
1 at bomb= 8.0E-5 exajoules (EJ)
1 at bomb= 2.2222222222222E-8 exawatt hour (EWh)
1 at bomb= 8.0E+28 femtojoules (fJ)
1 at bomb= 2.2222222222222E+25 femtowatt hour (fWh)
1 at bomb= 8.0E-31 foe (foe)
1 at bomb= 59004882654040 foot pound (ftlb)
1 at bomb= 59004971942181 foot pound force (ft lbf)
1 at bomb= 189842883233.88 foot poundal (ft pdl)
1 at bomb= 173674215286.72 gallon atmosphere UK (UK gal atm)
1 at bomb= 208574035910.7 gallon atmosphere US (US gal atm)
1 at bomb= 659521.84666117 gasoline gallon equivalent (gge)
1 at bomb= 4.9931967694017E+23 gigaelectron volt (GeV)
1 at bomb= 19.120458891013 gigagrams of TNT (GgTNT)
1 at bomb= 80000 gigajoules (GJ)
1 at bomb= 1.9120458891013E-5 gigatons of TNT (GtTNT)
1 at bomb= 22.222222222222 gigawatt hour (GWh)
1 at bomb= 19120458891.013 grams of TNT (gTNT)
1 at bomb= 1.8349701266863E+31 hartree (Eh, Ha)
1 at bomb= 800000000000 hectojoules (hJ)
1 at bomb= 222222222.22222 hectowatt hour (hWh)
1 at bomb= 1.3333333333333 hiroshima bomb explosion (hbe)
1 at bomb= 29800490.87989 horsepower hour (hph)
1 at bomb= 7.0805966330617E+14 inch pound force (in lbf)
1 at bomb= 80000000000000 joules (J)
1 at bomb= 19120458891.013 kilocalories (kcal)
1 at bomb= 4.9931967694017E+29 kiloelectron volt (keV)
1 at bomb= 19120458.891013 kilograms of TNT (kgTNT)
1 at bomb= 80000000000 kilojoules (kJ)
1 at bomb= 19.120458891013 kilotons of TNT (ktTNT)
1 at bomb= 22222222.222222 kilowatt hour (kWh)
1 at bomb= 19120458891.013 large calories (Cal)
1 at bomb= 789538613372.81 liter atmosphere (l atm)
1 at bomb= 4.9931967694017E+26 megaelectron volt (MeV)
1 at bomb= 19120.458891013 megagrams of TNT (MgTNT)
1 at bomb= 80000000 megajoules (MJ)
1 at bomb= 0.019120458891013 megatons of TNT (MtTNT)
1 at bomb= 22222.222222222 megawatt hour (MWh)
1 at bomb= 8.0E+19 microjoules (µJ)
1 at bomb= 19120458891.013 microtons of TNT (μtTNT)
1 at bomb= 2.2222222222222E+16 microwatt hour (μWh)
1 at bomb= 4.9931967694017E+35 millielectron volt (meV)
1 at bomb= 8.0E+16 millijoules (mJ)
1 at bomb= 19120458.891013 millitons of TNT (mtTNT)
1 at bomb= 22222222222222 milliwatt hour (mWh)
1 at bomb= 8.0E+22 nanojoules (nJ)
1 at bomb= 2.2222222222222E+19 nanowatt hour (nWh)
1 at bomb= 80000000000000 newton meter (Nm)
1 at bomb= 4.9931967694017E+17 petaelectron volt (PeV)
1 at bomb= 1.9120458891013E-5 petagrams of TNT (PgTNT)
1 at bomb= 0.08 petajoules (PJ)
1 at bomb= 2.2222222222222E-5 petawatt hour (PWh)
1 at bomb= 8.0E+25 picojoules (pJ)
1 at bomb= 2.2222222222222E+22 picowatt hour (pWh)
1 at bomb= 7.5825369625065E-5 quads (quad)
1 at bomb= 3.6699402533727E+31 rydberg (Ry)
1 at bomb= 7.8953861337281E+14 standard cubic centimeter (scc)
1 at bomb= 27882292995.007 standard cubic foot (scf)
1 at bomb= 1032677518.3336 standard cubic yard (scy)
1 at bomb= 4.9931967694017E+20 teraelectron volt (TeV)
1 at bomb= 0.019120458891013 teragrams of TNT (TgTNT)
1 at bomb= 80 terajoules (TJ)
1 at bomb= 1.9120458891013E-8 teratons of TNT (TtTNT)
1 at bomb= 0.022222222222222 terawatt hour (TWh)
1 at bomb= 758434.74237868 therm US (thm)
1 at bomb= 19107671.7302 thermie (th)
1 at bomb= 2731.4941272876 ton of coal equivalent (TCE)
1 at bomb= 1910.76717302 tonne of oil equivalent (toe)
1 at bomb= 19120.458891013 tons of TNT (tTNT)
1 at bomb= 22222222222.222 watt hour (Wh)
1 at bomb= 8.0E+37 yoctojoules (yJ)
1 at bomb= 2.2222222222222E+34 yoctowatt hour (yWh)
1 at bomb= 8.0E-11 yottajoules (YJ)
1 at bomb= 2.2222222222222E-14 yottawatt hour (YWh)
1 at bomb= 8.0E+34 zeptojoules (zJ)
1 at bomb= 2.2222222222222E+31 zeptowatt hour (zWh)
1 at bomb= 8.0E-8 zettajoules (ZJ)
1 at bomb= 2.2222222222222E-11 zettawatt hour (ZWh)