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A millennium (plural millennia or millenniums) is a period of time equal to 1000 years, also called kiloyears. It derives from the Latin mille, thousand, and annus, year. It is often, but not always, related to a particular dating system. Sometimes, it is used specifically for periods of a thousand years that begin at the starting point of the calendar in consideration (typically the year "1"), or in later years that are whole number multiples of a thousand years after it. The term can also refer to an interval of time beginning on any date. Frequently in the latter case (and sometimes also in the former) it may have religious or theological implications. Sometimes in use, such an interval called a "millennium" might be interpreted less precisely, i.e., not always being exactly 1000 years long. It could be, for example, 1050, etc.

Symbol/abbreviation: mill
Unit of: TIME
TIME's base unit: seconds (SI Unit)
In relation to the base unit (seconds), 1 Millenniums = 31540000000 seconds.
[Conversion table] 1 Millenniums (mill) to all time units
1 mill= 1.00012683917E-6 aeons (eon)
1 mill= 1.30390695412E+27 atomic unit of time (au)
1 mill= 3.154E+28 attoseconds (as)
1 mill= 13.1505564428 callippic cycles (cali)
1 mill= 10 centuries (cent)
1 mill= 365046.296296 days (day)
1 mill= 100 decades (dec)
1 mill= 3.154E-8 exaseconds (Es)
1 mill= 3.154E+25 femtoseconds (fs)
1 mill= 26066.1157025 fortnights (fn)
1 mill= 4.3483775616E-6 galactic years (gal)
1 mill= 31.54 gigaseconds (Gs)
1 mill= 999.462812505 gregorian years (GY)
1 mill= 9462009462.01 helek (h)
1 mill= 3.28766871974 hipparchic cycles (HC)
1 mill= 8761111.11111 hours (hr)
1 mill= 4.3483775616E-6 indictions (in)
1 mill= 1.89240000076E+12 jiffies (jiffy)
1 mill= 35044444.4444 ke (ke)
1 mill= 31540000 kiloseconds (Ks)
1 mill= 997.394252176 leap years (ly)
1 mill= 12361.6323184 lunar months (lm)
1 mill= 200.025367834 lustrums (L)
1 mill= 31540 megaseconds (Ms)
1 mill= 52.6003308784 metonic cycles (mc)
1 mill= 3.154E+16 microseconds (µs)
1 mill= 1 millenniums (mill)
1 mill= 365046296.296 millidays (md)
1 mill= 3.154E+13 milliseconds (ms)
1 mill= 525666666.667 minutes (min)
1 mill= 350444444.444 moments (moment)
1 mill= 12001.52207 months (mo)
1 mill= 3.154E+19 nanoseconds (ns)
1 mill= 124.930286207 octaeteris (octa)
1 mill= 249.860572414 olympiads (o)
1 mill= 3.154E-5 petaseconds (Ps)
1 mill= 3.154E+22 picoseconds (ps)
1 mill= 5.85026366994E+53 planck times (tp)
1 mill= 31540000000 seconds (s)
1 mill= 3.154E+18 shakes (shake)
1 mill= 366045.719737 sidereal days (Sd)
1 mill= 999.424886938 sidereal years (Sy)
1 mill= 3.154E+16 sigmas (Sigma)
1 mill= 0.684549513462 sothic cycles (Sc)
1 mill= 3.154E+23 svedbergs (S)
1 mill= 0.03154 teraseconds (Ts)
1 mill= 999.463653548 tropical years (TY)
1 mill= 52149.4708995 weeks (wk)
1 mill= 1000.12683917 years (yr)
1 mill= 3.154E+34 yoctoseconds (ys)
1 mill= 3.154E-14 yottaseconds (Ys)
1 mill= 3.154E+31 zeptoseconds (zs)
1 mill= 3.154E-11 zettaseconds (Zs)
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