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Drams Avoirdupois

Drams Avoirdupois
Symbol/abbreviation: dr [avoirdupois]
MASS-WEIGHT's base unit: kilograms (SI Unit)
In relation to the base unit (kilograms), 1 Drams Avoirdupois = 0.00177184519531 kilograms.
[Conversion table] 1 Drams Avoirdupois (dr [avoirdupois]) to all mass-weight units
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 1.06702938982E+24 atomic mass unit (u)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 1.77184519531E+18 attograms (ag)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 1.01175450551E-5 blobs (blob)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 1.77184519531E-6 british tonnes (t [British])
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 8.85922597656 carats (ct)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 8.63484941453 carats troy (ct [troy])
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 177.184519531 centigrams (cg)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 0.000558035714286 cloves UK (clove)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 1.06703594353E+24 daltons (Da)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 0.177184519531 decagrams (da g)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 17.7184519531 decigrams (dg)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 0.177184519531 dekagrams (dag)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 5.29923619683E+23 deuteron mass (D)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 1 drams (dr)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 0.455729166667 drams apothecaries (dr [apothecaries])
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 1 drams avoirdupois (dr [avoirdupois])
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 0.455729166667 drams troy (dr [troy])
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 2.96493506578E-28 earth mass (M∅)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 1.94507563499E+27 electron mass (me)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 1.77184519531E-18 exagrams (Eg)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 1.77184519531E+15 femtograms (fg)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 1.77184519531E-9 gigagrams (Gg)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 27.3437542198 grains (gr)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 1.77184519531 grams (g)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 0.0177184519531 hectograms (hg)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 3.48772321429E-5 hundredweight UK (cwt UK)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 3.90625E-5 hundredweight US (cwt US)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 0.000180677927255 hyl (hyl)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 1.74385630167E-6 imperial tons (t [Imperial])
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 0.00177184519531 kilograms (kg)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 3.90625E-6 kilopounds (kip)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 1.74385630167E-6 long tons UK (t [UK])
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 1.77184519531E-6 megagrams (Mg)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 1.77184519531E-6 metric tons (t [Metric])
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 1771845.19531 micrograms (μg)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 1771.84519531 milligrams (mg)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 9.40703177233E+24 muon mass (mu)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 177184519.531 nanograms (ng)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 1.05786312044E+24 neutron mass (n0)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 0.0173758656846 newtons[Earth gravity] (N)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 0.0625000509819 ounces (oz)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 1.13932294597 pennyweights (pwt)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 1.77184519531E-15 petagrams (Pg)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 1.77184519531E+12 picograms (pg)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 81400.1495894 planck mass (mp)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 0.00390625318637 pounds (lbs)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 1.05932125197E+24 proton mass (p+)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 0.000139508928571 quarters UK (1/4[UK])
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 0.00015625 quarters US (1/4[US])
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 1.77184519531E-5 quintals (q)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 1.0731456044E-5 sacks (sack)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 1.3671875 scruples (℈)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 1.953125E-6 short tons US (t)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 1.01174968008E-5 slinches (sln)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 0.000121409961609 slugs (slug)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 8.85922598099E-34 solar mass (Mo)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 0.000279017996865 stones (st)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 0.000279017857143 stones UK (st [UK])
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 0.0003125 stones US (st [US])
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 8.85922598099E-34 sun mass (M☉)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 1.77184519531E-12 teragrams (Tg)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 0.000139508928571 tods (tod)
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 1.77184519531E-6 tonnes UK (t [tonnes-UK])
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 1.74385630167E-6 tons IMPERIAL (t [IMPERIAL])
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 1.74385630167E-6 tons LONG UK (t [LONG UK])
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 1.77184519531E-6 tons METRIC (t [METRIC])
1 dr [avoirdupois]= 1.953125E-6 tons SHORT US (t [SHORT-US])
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