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A parsec (symbol: pc) is a unit of length used to measure large distances to objects outside our Solar System. One parsec is the distance at which one astronomical unit subtends an angle of one arcsecond. A parsec is equal to about 3.26 light-years (31 trillion kilometers or 19 trillion miles) in length. The nearest star, Proxima Centauri, is about 1.3 parsecs (4.2 light-years) from the Sun. Most of the stars visible to the unaided eye in the nighttime sky are within 500 parsecs of the Sun.

Symbol/abbreviation: pc
Unit of: LENGTH
LENGTH's base unit: meters (SI Unit)
In relation to the base unit (meters), 1 Parsecs = 3.08567758149E+16 meters.
[Conversion table] 1 Parsecs (pc) to all length units
1 pc= 1.7007671709E+19 agate [typography] (agate)
1 pc= 5.19668559881E+16 alens (aln)
1 pc= 3.08567758149E+26 angstroms (Å)
1 pc= 206264.806247 astronomical unit (au)
1 pc= 3.08567758149E+34 attometers (am)
1 pc= 2.61254557742E+14 barleycorns (bcorn)
1 pc= 3.08567758149E+28 bicrons (μμ)
1 pc= 5.83108786189E+26 bohr radius (Bohr)
1 pc= 1.66506811061E+14 cable length uk (cbl[UK])
1 pc= 1.40605751563E+14 cable length us (cbl[US])
1 pc= 1.2148336935E+20 calibers (cal)
1 pc= 1.2148336935E+20 centiinch (cin)
1 pc= 3.08567758149E+18 centimeters (cm)
1 pc= 1.53388092614E+15 chains (ch)
1 pc= 6.749076075E+16 cubits (cbt)
1 pc= 3.08567758149E+15 decameters (dam)
1 pc= 3.08567758149E+17 decimeters (dm)
1 pc= 8.20719564088E+19 didot points (didot point)
1 pc= 1.619778258E+18 digits (digit)
1 pc= 2.69963043E+16 ells (eel)
1 pc= 7.31633599227E+18 ems (EM)
1 pc= 0.0308567758149 exameters (Em)
1 pc= 1.68726901875E+16 fathoms (fath)
1 pc= 1.01236141125E+17 feet (ft)
1 pc= 3.08567758149E+31 femtometers (fm)
1 pc= 3.08567758149E+31 fermi (fermi)
1 pc= 2.69963043E+17 finger cloth (finer)
1 pc= 1.388381364E+18 fingerbreadth (fb)
1 pc= 9.82387004614E+16 fods (fod)
1 pc= 1.53388092614E+14 furlongs (fur)
1 pc= 30856775.8149 gigameters (Gm)
1 pc= 1.00184337061E+15 greek plethron (pleth)
1 pc= 1.66793382783E+14 greek stadion (std)
1 pc= 3.03708423375E+17 hands (h)
1 pc= 3.08567758149E+14 hectometers (hm)
1 pc= 3.08567758149E+21 himetrics (hiMetric)
1 pc= 1.62705187168E+16 hvats (hvat)
1 pc= 1.2148336935E+18 inches (in)
1 pc= 3.08567758149E+13 kilometers (km)
1 pc= 0.000999895522194 kiloparsecs (kpc)
1 pc= 1191.3813056 light days (ld)
1 pc= 28597.5679471 light hours (lh)
1 pc= 1715218.22206 light minutes (lmin)
1 pc= 39.7075998133 light months (lm)
1 pc= 102924535.74 light seconds (ls)
1 pc= 3.26147086089 light years (ly)
1 pc= 1.4693702769E+19 lines (l)
1 pc= 1.53387785837E+17 links (li)
1 pc= 30856775814.9 megameters (Mm)
1 pc= 3.08567758149E+16 meters (m)
1 pc= 1.2148336935E+24 microinches (μin)
1 pc= 3.08567758149E+22 micrometers (μm)
1 pc= 3.08567758149E+28 micromicrons (μμm)
1 pc= 1.91735115767E+13 miles (mi)
1 pc= 3.08567758149E+19 millimeters (mm)
1 pc= 1.2148336935E+21 mils (mil)
1 pc= 3.08567758149E+12 myriameters (Mym)
1 pc= 5.39926086E+17 nails cloth (nail)
1 pc= 3.08567758149E+25 nanometers (nm)
1 pc= 5.55377534466E+12 nautical leagues (Nl)
1 pc= 1.6661326034E+13 nautical miles (NM)
1 pc= 4.049445645E+16 paces (pace)
1 pc= 4.049445645E+17 palms (palm)
1 pc= 1 parsecs (pc)
1 pc= 6.13552370455E+15 perch (perch)
1 pc= 30.8567758149 petameters (Pm)
1 pc= 7.28900216674E+18 picas (p)
1 pc= 3.08567758149E+28 picometers (pm)
1 pc= 1.16624049269E+20 pixels (PX)
1 pc= 1.92854848843E+51 planck length (pl)
1 pc= 8.74679708341E+19 points (pt)
1 pc= 6.13552370455E+15 poles (pole)
1 pc= 6.94190682E+17 rack unit (ru)
1 pc= 7.2890030793E+18 rems (rem)
1 pc= 6.13552370455E+15 rods (rd)
1 pc= 8.69204952533E+14 roman actus (actus)
1 pc= 5.06180705625E+15 ropes (rope)
1 pc= 3.08567758149E+12 scandinavian miles (mil[Scandinavian])
1 pc= 1.349815215E+17 spans (span)
1 pc= 30856.7758149 terameters (Tm)
1 pc= 1.2148336935E+21 thou (th)
1 pc= 1.74934949912E+21 twips (twip)
1 pc= 3.56313808486E+16 varas [Argentina] (vr[Argentina])
1 pc= 3.6813068443E+16 varas [California] (vr[California])
1 pc= 3.57138608969E+16 varas [Latin America] (vr[Latin])
1 pc= 3.68210493961E+16 varas [Mexico] (vr[Mexico])
1 pc= 3.69144345196E+16 varas [Spanish] (vr[Spanish])
1 pc= 3.64448673213E+16 varas [Texas] (vr[Texas])
1 pc= 2.892461175E+13 versts (vst)
1 pc= 3.07950625096E+29 x unit (xu)
1 pc= 3.3745380375E+16 yards (yd)
1 pc= 3.08567758149E+40 yoctometers (ym)
1 pc= 3.08567758149E-8 yottameters (Ym)
1 pc= 3.08567758149E+37 zeptometers (zm)
1 pc= 3.08567758149E-5 zettameters (Zm)
1 pc= 1.2148336935E+18 zolls (zoll)
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