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Symbol/abbreviation: nB
DATA-STORAGE's base unit: bytes (Non-SI/Derived Unit)
In relation to the base unit (bytes), 1 Nanobytes = 1.0E-9 bytes.
[Conversion table] 1 Nanobytes (nB) to all data-storage units
1 nB= 8.0E-9 bits (bit)
1 nB= 1.0E-9 bytes (B)
1 nB= 1.0E-39 doggabytes (DB)
1 nB= 8.0E-27 exabits (Ebit)
1 nB= 1.0E-27 exabytes (EB)
1 nB= 6.93889390391E-27 exbibits (Eibit)
1 nB= 8.67361737988E-28 exbibytes (EiB)
1 nB= 7.45156482861E-18 gibibits (Gibit)
1 nB= 9.31322574615E-19 gibibytes (GiB)
1 nB= 8.0E-18 gigabits (Gbit)
1 nB= 1.0E-18 gigabytes (GB)
1 nB= 7.8125E-12 kibibits (Kibit)
1 nB= 9.765625E-13 kibibytes (KiB)
1 nB= 8.0E-12 kilobits (kbit)
1 nB= 1.0E-12 kilobytes (KB)
1 nB= 7.62939453125E-15 mebibits (Mibit)
1 nB= 9.53674316406E-16 mebibytes (MiB)
1 nB= 8.0E-15 megabits (Mbit)
1 nB= 1.0E-15 megabytes (MB)
1 nB= 1 nanobytes (nB)
1 nB= 2.0E-9 nibbles (nibble)
1 nB= 1.0E-36 nonabytes (NB)
1 nB= 7.10732054016E-24 pebibits (Pibit)
1 nB= 8.881784197E-25 pebibytes (PiB)
1 nB= 8.0E-24 petabits (Pbit)
1 nB= 1.0E-24 petabytes (PB)
1 nB= 7.27802037846E-21 tebibits (Tibit)
1 nB= 9.09494701773E-22 tebibytes (TiB)
1 nB= 8.0E-21 terabits (Tbit)
1 nB= 1.0E-21 terabytes (TB)
1 nB= 6.6181336863E-33 yobibits (Yibit)
1 nB= 8.27180612553E-34 yobibytes (YiB)
1 nB= 8.0E-33 yottabits (Ybit)
1 nB= 1.0E-33 yottabytes (YB)
1 nB= 6.77506775068E-30 zebibits (Zebit)
1 nB= 8.47032947254E-31 zebibytes (ZiB)
1 nB= 8.0E-30 zettabits (Zbit)
1 nB= 1.0E-30 zettabytes (ZB)
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